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About Us Photos Ceremony Details Email Us The Engagement The Guestbook
Amy and I first crossed paths in the summer of 2000 on the Twin Cities River Rats Waterski Show Team. We have since spent four years together skiing over the summer months. Summer of 2002 Amy was interested in learning how to barefoot ski.   She asked me for a few pointers one day at a ski show and I asked her if she would like to go skiing with me sometime . . . and she said yes, so I got her phone number. Naturally, I invited her along to go skiing with me the next time I went and things progressed from there.
A few "ski dates" later, after we were done skiing one day, we were talking for a while and we were both very hungry. I, however, didn't get up the courage to ask her to go out to eat until we were both down the road about a mile. I rolled down my window and motioned for her to roll down hers and proceeded to ask her if she wanted to get a bite to eat. She, however, she said that she had plans to go out to eat with one of her girlfriends . . . . later I learned that she was just nervous and she never really had plans to go out to eat that evening!!. Later that summer, we spent a day together skiing and an evening talking--little did I know she could talk so much!!

Shortly after that she went to Texas for boot camp. I wrote her and kept in touch while she was there and kept her up to date with the ski team. She looked forward to mail call while she was away as my letters kept her company while she was there as that was her only means of communication. When she got back we went to Cirque de Soli and the State Fair and spent countless hours together between the end of August and November 12 when she was again leaving to go to more training in Texas. The day before she left we officially started dating and the rest is history.   Throughout the past two years Amy has had numerous trainings in Texas and Florida with the Air Force. A few fond memories include when I showed up in Texas for Valentines Day and surprised her, when she showed up at a water ski show and surprised me, and when we both showed up in Minnesota from Florida and surprised her parents. Over the years our relationship has grown closer with one another as we continue to grow in Christ and prepare for what He has in store for our future marriage together.   We are excited for our "Big Day" and excited to see you all there!!